Twice as green?

About a month ago, I received a copy of the first issue of Green I.T. magazine, a new publication from the publishers of Construction Computing (the latest to target sustainability issues in the business world – see my Think 08 post).

The magazine is being "distributed every quarter to 70,000 IT professionals", but I've now had another copy. While I can share the magazine ("printed on paper from a sustainable resource") around within BIW (again) and then recycle it (again), this duplication has also doubled the magazine's carbon footprint with me through its packaging and distribution.

Also, I don't appear to have the option of viewing the content online. Shouldn't a 'green' publication offer its readers (particularly if they potentially include loads of web-savvy techies) the ability to read and download content online? This paperless route could be supported either through a small subscription or through some advertising support, I think, and would earn some respect from its 'green techie' readers.

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