Adobe starts community drive too

Last week we saw Bentley Systems establish an online BE community (see post); this week, it’s the turn of Adobe to expand its collaboration activities still further.

Webware‘s Elsa Wenzel – see Adobe Acrobat takes big online leap – says “Adobe unveiled an online community Monday with a word processor; file storage and sharing; and deep tie-ins to a newly Flash-enabled Acrobat 9”, going on to describe how “users can store files on and join each other in virtual meeting rooms to share identical document views in real time”.

Recognising this as a pitch by Adobe into the SaaS v. conventional software v. hybrid versions of both kinds of Office suites battle-ground, the BBC (Adobe launches Acrobat community) says this development “pits Adobe squarely against Microsoft, Google and others keen to bridge the online and offline worlds”.

(See also Sarah Perez’s write-up at Adobe launches online Office Suite and New Flash- Enabled Acrobat 9)

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