Not CADaaS but BIMaaS?

US CAD industry luminary Evan Yares has been interviewed by Franco Folini for his Novedge blog (a privilege I had last year).

Evan’s final comments suggest that he feels Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based CAD is a distinct possibility even if there are, in his view, no CAD or SaaS vendors yet moving in that direction.

Done right, it [SaaS] can have real benefits for users, particularly in shifting maintenance and procurement costs to vendors, and in converting front-ended loaded overhead costs into scalable variable costs. Yet, I don’t know that any of today’s major CAD vendors are anywhere near the point of being able to deliver serious SaaS solutions. And I don’t know that the current SaaS platform vendors are anywhere near providing the kind of capabilities demanded by such solutions.

I wrote a few posts about CADaaS earlier this year (posts here, here and here), but – on reflection – perhaps nobody wants to reinvent CAD for SaaS as CAD could be superceded by SaaS-based building information modelling (BIM) – will that end up dubbed BIMaaS?

Coincidentally, as well as linking to Evan’s interview, my feed-reader also pointed me to Randall Newton’s latest post from 3D Basecamp where he briefly describes the views of a Pennsylvania architect who has been using Onuma Planning System, and where he overheard mention of “a new open source web-based product about to come online… BIM Server:“. This holding page from Dutch e-construction business in turn links to blog pages containing a mixture of Dutch and English postings, and a wiki page about the product.

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  1. Not quite……
    I posted a few months ago about Phase2 who are offering a SaaS delivered AutoCad collaboration offering – not 100% CadSaaS but pretty close –

  2. Since BIM is already semantic in nature, a Web 2 approach to managing virtual projects is not an IF but a WHEN. I have also identified BIMaaS as one of several enablers to BIM Stage 3 implementation (BIM ThinkSpace, May 24th). BIMaaS is however very different to Model Servers (like Jotne EPM, BIMServer or ActiveFacility,…) as these depend on uploading/downloading models and part-models from a central repository rather than ‘modelling online’ as the BIMaaS term implies.

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