Over the past few months, sustainability has cropped up more and more frequently in my posts to this blog. To be honest, the topic has also been cropping up just as often within BIW Technologies [my employer] and across the industry. There are ongoing internal conversations within BIW; the company has also contributed to the UK government’s strategy for sustainable construction, got involved with Constructing Excellence’s sustainability group, and I have been involved with events such as Sustainability Now (see Sustainability Then Again) and Be2Camp (Web 2.0 meets Built Environment – possible event), to name but two.

Over the past eight years, the BIW chief executive Colin Smith and I have also spent a lot of time talking about how construction collaboration technologies, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in particular, can play their part in helping architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and property organisations become a little bit greener (and it’s not just about paper savings). The issues extend way beyond our market sector (we’re potentially talking about the future of our entire planet, after all), so we decided to start a new blog to discuss SaaS, sustainability and all surrounding topics. It’s called, naturally,

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