4Projects to open US and Canada bases

UK SaaS-based construction collaboration technology vendor 4Projects is looking to establish bases in the US and Canada, reports north-east England regional newspaper The Journal.

A year after its private equity-backed MBO (see post), marketing director Duncan Mactear says “We have continued to increase revenue, turnover and most importantly for the region, we have increased the number of staff up to 60 people.”

He continued: “We opened an office employing one permanent staff member and a consultant in Houston and there is a lot of activity in Calgary in Canada. I think it’s almost impossible to sell to Americans from the UK. You really do need someone out on the ground.”

4Projects apparently aims to open an office in Canada shortly and expects to employ five staff between that and its US interests. “It’s a strange time to go into the American market. A lot of companies are pulling back but we are focused very much on the natural resources market – Calgary is very important in the oil and gas industry,” Duncan says.

Other construction collaboration technology businesses looking at the north American markets include Australian Aconex and another UK-based provider BIW Technologies [my employer]. Aconex lists sales and services offices in San Francisco, Chicago and New York, plus salesmen in Boston, Denver and Vancouver, while BIW recently won a major commission in Seattle for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (see BIW news release).

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