This page is devoted to Be2camp. Some users have found that their corporate firewalls do not allow access to the main Be2camp website (here), hosted by Ning, so this page provides an overview, plus links to relevant articles, and – most importantly – a link to the registration page.

What is Be2camp?

Be2camp is an event that will be run on unconference or BarCamp
principles, that will seek to relate Web 2.0 to
the built environment – and vice versa!

Web 2.0 means the use of web technologies and web design to enhance creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users. Tools range from blogs, RSS feeds, iGoogle and mindmaps to extranets, wikis, building information modelling (BIM) and virtual worlds, to name but a few.

Built environment‘ people could be involved in planning and design, construction,
manufacture, operation and maintenance – basically, it includes everything that the human race has already constructed on our planet, plus everything that might be constructed in the future. Sustainability will, therefore, be a dominant theme for Be2camp.

Where and when?

Venue: the Building Centre, Store Street, London WC1.

Date: 10 October 2008 – a one-day event, maybe with evening social event

Agenda: As with other unconferences the agenda will be set by those wishing to attend, participate and talk. Already, the day is taking shape, with three strong themes:

  • Collaboration and lean construction – How can we use technology to collaborate better?
  • Communication and connection – Which Web 2.0 tools can we use?
  • Servers, software, SaaS and sustainability – What hardware and software developments might help us deliver a better built environment?

How can I register?


If you have difficulty accessing the main Be2camp website, click here to
launch the registration form in a new window.

What will it cost?

Currently, no fee has been agreed for the event, but we hope that those attending on the day will be prepared to donate a modest sum – at least around £25 – to cover expenses that are not already covered by sponsors. We believe this makes Be2camp a bargain compared to the £500+ currently being demanded for other Web 2.0 conferences.

Where can I learn more?

Unsure what an ‘unconference’ means? Have a look at these two articles (both written be people involved in Be2camp):

You can also email Paul Wilkinson with your questions, offers to speak, sponsorship ideas, etc, or leave a comment below.

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