Business needs more SaaS

Last night I attended a meeting combining the North London branch of the British Computer Society and London Wiki Wednesday, during which there was some discussion of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) (I also talked about Be2camp).

By coincidence, I have just come across a news item on the BCS website, Business needs more SaaS, outlining findings from a BT survey that SaaS does not feature in most businesses’ plans, despite the potential benefits. Apparently, 81 per cent of BT’s business customers did not know very much about SaaS and had not considered using it in their companies, reports (Businesses still clueless over SaaS). BT executive Chris Lindsey says he believes SaaS has reached a tipping point: “What we’re seeing now is that it’s moving out of the innovators and early adopters to what we call the early majority.”

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  1. Good to meet you at the Wikiwed meeting yesterday, Paul. If you are interested in SaaS, you might like to look at my friend Phil Wainewright’s blog at ZDNet:
    I’ll also mention Be2Camp to my friend who’s a construction insurance broker. It could be the opportunity to break down his resistance to all things IT that I’ve been waiting for 🙂

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