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A few weeks ago, I noticed (Construction gets Twittering) that UK trade magazine New Civil Engineer had started using Twitter to send out news alerts. At first, it was blasting about a dozen every hour, on the hour, but it then slowed it down a bit – to just five an hour, every hour…. I got a comment from Emap’s Suzie Daniels saying it was a Twitterfeed problem and that a fix was about to be deployed.

Well, it hasn’t, and – tired of having my Twitter page filled with NCE-badged repetition – I have finally deleted @NCEmagazine from the list of Tweeters I follow (and I know several others have done the same). I did Tweet about it, but NCE won’t pick it up as it doesn’t follow anyone and so is oblivious to the people it is alienating (strangely, Emap stable-mate @CNPlus quickly overcame similar problems and has become a useful service to follow). Clearly, the NCE team need to realise that social media is about conversations, not (repeated) monologues! Perhaps an anecdote we can discuss at the Be2camp unconference in London on Friday?

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    • JodieM on 7 October 2008 at 11:45 pm

    Looks like NCE needs the http://www.twitteragency.com. An Agency set up to help businesses understand their twitter market a lot more before they delve blindly into the twitterverse.
    It was set up due to Telstra’s recent foray into twitter that went horribly wrong.

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