I have been having a quick look at the website of another small north American project collaboration vendor, Procore (this follows on from quick notes about Corecon, Coreworx and EADOC, among others in the past 12 months).

The website has some interesting information about the solution, but says little about the company itself beyond that it “was founded in 2003, … is privately funded by venture capital and “angel” investors [and] is located in Santa Barbara, California”. If I was buying an online service I would like to know a little more about the business, its founders, its performance, etc so that I could be reassured that it can provide a reliable solution for the duration of my project(s). Hosting is provided by Engine Yard.

The Procore solution is only available on-demand (Software-as-a-Service), and – unlike some of its US competitors who charge per-user – can be purchased on a per-project basis (to my mind, simpler to invoice and more likely to promote collaboration). The basic version is $95 per month with an enterprise version priced $295 per month. The website suggests the enterprise rate was recently reduced from $595 per month – effectively, a 50% cut. Is this just marketing, or a sign that the credit crunch has had an impact on Procore’s core market of small-scale residential builders?

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