SMEs under-estimate connectivity issues of SaaS adoption

A survey of over 270 small/medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by EasyNet Connect (see PDF) shows that, while many are ready to embrace Software-as-a-Service, they are often ignoring connectivity and security issues:

One in four respondents plan to move to cloud-based services or applications within two years, with around half (47%) expected to do so within five years. But, whilst respondents were quick to point out the business benefits of cloud computing, including cost savings (35.2%) and increased remote and flexible working (34%), few said they had planned to re-evaluate their Internet connectivity.

Just one in ten said they had a formal strategy that included consideration of Internet connectivity issues. Only 12% said they planned on increasing their Internet bandwidth to account for possible higher traffic levels, 13% said they would explore business continuity measures to safeguard their connection and only 9.2% said that they would put in place more stringent security measures.

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