India SaaS growth forecast

A new survey of IT decision-makers in India suggests that ease of use and convenience are the top reasons for adopting Software-as-aService (SaaS). The study, by Springboard Research, also revealed the biggest barriers to SaaS adoption in India are a high level of comfort with on-premise applications and lack of adequate awareness about the availability of suitable SaaS applications. (This first finding shows a different result to that found in December in Australia and New Zealand – where Springboard found it was lower cost of ownership that drove SaaS adoption.)

The Indian SaaS market may also grow faster than ANZ. Springboard a compounded annual growth rate of 76% between 2007-2011, reaching US$260 million in revenues by 2011.

Resellers contributed to just 1% of SaaS purchases, while the largest number of SaaS purchases was made during face to face interaction with a representative from the vendor.

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