“Sell Buzzsaw”

OK, it’s only an individual’s opinion in the Autodesk User Group International Forums. Reflecting on a forum post about Autodesk’s recent stock market performance (linked to a CGenie blog article), one stockholder (alias: aaronrumple) suggests a six-point strategy, the final item being:

6. Adsk has a good portfolio of stuff to sell. They should work on their core get rid of things like Buzzsaw. They’d be smart to team with Google on this one and work a deal – Our software, your hosting. (And btw – we’ll develop SketchUP which is something we wanted all along.)

It probably won’t happen, of course, but the departure of table-thumping Executive Chairman Carol Bartz to head up Yahoo! does give the opportunity for the remaining senior Autodesk executives to review their product portfolio and decide if, amid a construction downturn, delivering construction-related Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) document collaboration applications (Autodesk Buzzsaw and Constructware) sits comfortably with its powerful battery of on-premise design software.

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