This week, UK SMEs embrace the cloud during recession

There have been some conflicting survey findings recently regarding the attractiveness (or otherwise) of cloud computing during an economic downturn. Just last week, we had news of an Avanade survey that showed businesses to be risk-averse and avoiding cloud computing. This week, “cloud vendor” Gooroo says – not surprisingly – that UK small businesses “will head towards the cloud” in an attempt to reduce costs during the economic downturn (source: CBR news).

I am a little sceptical of these results. Gooroo has apparently declined to give details of its sample size, but as the survey is linked from its home page, it is unlikely to be a representative sample of UK SMEs. It is, indeed, likely to have attracted respondents who are already pre-disposed in favour of online business applications. Nor is it clear what Gooroo considers to be “cloud computing” and whether they see it as different to software-as-a-service (SaaS); are they (and/or their respondents), for instance, talking about on-demand software applications or about the utility computing platform (eg: Amazon EC2) upon which they might run?

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