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  1. Incite innovates | Extranet Evolution

    […] However, when it comes to CAD files and other graphical information such as photographs, it has taken a radical departure from the “drawing register ” listing view typical of many collaboration platform user interfaces. Using Microsoft’s PivotViewer technology built into Silverlight, Keystone allows users to view thumbnail images of all the items in a particular database, and to drill-down into the database by searching according to various metadata options. For example, within a large set of drawings, you might want to isolate all those relating to building services, or all those produced by a particular designer, or all those approved for construction. Each time a selection is made, the screen tiles are rearranged accordingly, and users can zoom into and view the details with increasing clarity without actually having to open any of files themselves. (I saw a similar graphic-led approach to file navigation deployed in Kalexo Teamwork last year – post.) […]

  2. Putting the social into AEC development | Extranet Evolution

    […] and – perhaps apart from AEC integrations with SharePoint, the Kalexo platform I reviewed earlier this year, and Asite’s new community portal – we remain some way from […]

  3. OpeningDesign.com | Extranet Evolution

    […] Constructware, etc) – some embracing a strong social media approach, eg: US-based Kalexo (post) or Asite (post) in the […]

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