E-business penetration of AEC industry

Having completed a PhD in the 1990s and got lots of support from people in completing questionnaires and doing interviews, etc, I vowed that I would return the favour when approached by other researchers. Ever since, I have supported numerous academics in their endeavours, and the latest is Star (Yongjie) Chen, a PhD research student supervised by my friends Kirti Ruikar and Pat Carrillo in the Civil and Building Engineering Department of Loughborough University (Kirti was co-editor of the book e-Business in Construction, to which I contributed a chapter last year – see post).

Star is looking at e-business, and wants to establish the level of penetration of e-business in the UK construction industry, and to investigate trends within the industry in implementing e-business strategies. If you want to participate in this research project, the questionnaire is available here. This confidential survey will apparently take about 8-10 minutes to complete, and you can request a summary of the results.

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