Enter e-grou – an update

Further to my post on e-grou, I received an email from e-grou’ s José Santos, clarifying a couple of points:

“E-grou is not “just” a collaboration solution for file exchange and project management. E-grou has most of the functionalities available in any medium to high-hand document management solution, namely: document versioning, document access control, workflow, task management, notifications, full text and attribute-based searches, etc. An API is available as well for integration with CRMs, ERPs and other types of solutions.

“e-grou does not target any vertical market in particular. We have customers from several areas, with different requirements, only sharing the need for document management and control. E-grou is used by companies with strong technical groups and specific document management and control needs such as construction companies, architectural and engineering design companies. But it has also customers from service oriented companies or local authorities. E-grou is fully configurable to any company’s information model. Out-of-the-box functionalities allow a trained consultant to configure e-grou to any company’s need, without requiring any database knowledge.”

According to e-grou’s Twitter stream, its free solution will be available in late September 2009.

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