And the stats say….

2009 was a bit of an erratic year for me blog-wise. This was partly a reflection of my change of career path in the spring, coupled with all the effort that has to go into launching and sustaining a new business (meaning that blogging on construction collaboration technologies wasn’t always top of my “to do” list). Nonetheless, had its best year yet, recording over 45,000 page impressions and 32,000 unique visitors to the site during 2009 (up from 43,000 and 28,000 in 2008). Peak month was November with over 5,000 page impressions and nearly 4,000 unique visitors.

The five top days for visitors were:

A big Thank you to everyone who visited during 2009 – I hope you will return regularly during 2010, during which the 1000th post will be published (this is number 966). The blog will never become a high-traffic site (it is focused on a handful of related niche topics, after all), but the encouraging comments and emails I continue to receive show that many people appreciate what I write.

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