Glasscubes updates interface

glasscubes I wrote about Glasscubes last October (post), and have just received an email from Rob Hallums telling me about a new, more intuitive user interface to the application (read his blog post). There are changes to the navigation to create a Dashboard view (right) and a files repository, and the ‘Cubes’ have been renamed Workspaces (the same term used by BT Workspace, which Glasscubes superceded).

I have remarked before about the frequent use of ‘Workspace’ as a brand, and when I reviewed Glasscubes I was quite taken with the idea of ‘cubes’ – reminding me of cartoon Dilbert‘s cubicles, I suppose. In a reply to a comment on his blog post, Rob says:

“The change from Cubes to Workspaces has been a tough decision to make, and one which has taken many months to decide upon. However, due to the nature of the beast, we felt that it is a sensible idea to use a trusted word rather than a concept.”

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