Apr 19 2010

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Asite mobile solution launching soon

Asite‘s Paul Markovits has been blogging about the UK-based construction collaboration technology vendor’s forthcoming mobile solution, Asite cMob. A launch of this looks likely in the next couple of weeks, it seems.


This has been on the cards for several months, following a consultation process managed through the Asite community forum late last summer (post), though the original January launch date for the iPhone mobile solution has clearly slipped a few months.


Paul says:

“… Asite cMOB is a completely new way of accessing your Asite Workspaces and sharing information with your teams. This information is then available within the main Asite web application and vice-versa meaning mobile and office workers can seamlessly work together in real-time across the globe.”

He continues:

“Where Asite mobile differs from other existing mobile applications, is that you can design your own apps to run on Asite mobile using our AppBuilder functionality. Once again, we’ll be providing some out of the box apps via our AppLibrary (such as Mobile RFIs, Mobile Defects and mobile Goods Receipting for procurement logistics) to get you started, but AppBuilder will allow you to quickly and easily design interfaces to send and receive information between mobile and office based users.”

When Paul’s Asite colleague CTO Nathan Doughty wrote about the mobile developments, he mentioned support for Windows Mobile and Blackberry handsets “soon afterwards”. Paul doesn’t say when these other mobile platforms will be launched, and there is no mention of an Android version of the app.

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  1. Paul_markovits

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the article. We’re really excited about cMOB which will be supported on iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android operating systems.

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