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Earlier this year I met up in London with Peter Daly, founder and MD of Dublin-based software developer SmartBuilder Software Ltd, and we talked about the future of construction collaboration technologies and about mobile solutions in particular. I recently met Peter again when he talked about his first iPhone application at the Be2camp East 2 unconference in Chelmsford in June. He demonstrated Site Clean-Up to me (and others) and said a YouTube video, filmed in Dublin, was in production.

Today, I learned that the video is now available online (with a very eloquent site manager!):

Peter tells me that SmartBuilder has a pipeline of apps, and the next one is in development: “the focus is very much on creating applications that save builders money not just on automating existing processes for its own sake or having ‘cool apps’ (which I doubt cuts much ice with builders)”. He also says the application can be easily ported to Android and other platforms, having been created in Javascript using the Appcellerator Titanium framework. SmartBuilder is also planning to release a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) collaboration application, and these mobile tools are intended to be ‘tasters’ that will also help build a database of qualified sales leads ready for the launch of the SaaS application.

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