Websites overhauled at BIW and 4Projects

The corporate websites of UK construction collaboration technology providers 4Projects and BIW Technologies* have both been refreshed recently.

Despite my past involvement with BIW, I think the changes in 4Projects’ online presence are more extensive, building on website changes that the company instigated on its subsidiaries 4Retail and 4Exergy sites last year (post). 4Projects appointed a new VP marketing, Clare Watson earlier this year (her appointment is noted in a 7 July news release about general company expansion – post; I met Clare for a coffee in February), and the ‘refresh’ of the main 4Projects site is perhaps the most visible of the changes she has achieved to date (the company is using some social media tools too, and through these you can also see how 4Projects’ refreshed branding is being used in its literature, six items of which are being shared via SlideShare).

Looking back over the past three years, I think I have written about rebranding and website upgrades for most of the leading UK vendors, several of whom have incorporated some social media into their communications (perhaps most notable in this respect is Asitepost). Perhaps the only one that don’t appear to have overhauled its website for some years is Cadweb (though it does tweet occasionally).

I am minded to do a detailed comparison of the main collaboration vendors and their use of social media tools – similar to ones undertaken elsewhere in the industry looking at the Web 2.0 activities of leading contractors and housebuilders (see my pwcom blog post, Construction companies could do better on social media).

[* I worked for BIW from 2000 to early 2009, and have since undertaken occasional PR and marketing projects for the company, including website copywriting.]

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