okitoo: real-time, mobile AEC collaboration lost in translation

Another service that I found after they followed me on Twitter is Okitoo. While it looks to be an interesting Software-as-a-Service mobile application for AEC professionals (developed by a France-based software developer Ideoserve SAS), it has been let down by poor marketing so far as the English-speaking world is concerned.

The home page shows an intriguing image of a tablet computer upon which mark-ups are displayed (and, on Twitter, @myokitoo tweets about using a Samsung Galaxy tablet). The site says you can:

  • share your drawings online in real time with your team, partners and clients.
  • annotate your drawings, sketches, technical documents while out of the office

However, the English language version of the website does not provide much information about the tools, the functionality and cost, is poorly translated and scattered with spelling errors, and silent videos showing cursor movements, with associated clicks, across a French desktop are not very helpful either. There are also broken links, and links to untranslated pages. Sadly, these do not encourage me to take up the offer of a free 30-day trial.

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