P45s at 4Projects

SaaS Handbook blog imageDuring my presentation at Friday’s ICT4Contruction event (post), I briefly mentioned 4Projects as an example of a construction collaboration technology vendor that had started to use social media, with a blog, TheSaaSHandbook.com, and an associated Twitter account. However, the blog has disappeared (visitors are now simply channelled to 4Projects’ home page), while the Twitter account has not been updated since 11 March.

It seems both have been discontinued following a recent rash of redundancies among the marketing team at the Sunderland, UK-based firm. Sadly, VP Marketing Clare Watson (who helped engineer 4Projects’ revamped web presence, and who I have met several times through her inputs to Constructing Excellence) is among those now seeking alternative employment and freelance opportunities (her profile no longer appears alongside the rest of the team).

We know 4Projects downsized last year (see 4Projects’ revenues down but profits up), partly through cuts in sales and marketing, and it appears the increased focus on north American operations (described by Steve Spark at Friday’s conference), and a 4Ps push into Poland (also announced last week), is being funded through further reductions in the same domestic team.

Meanwhile, 4Projects’ UK PR outputs continued with news this week of an enterprise deal with UK contractor Morgan Sindall.

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    • Clare Watson on 31 March 2011 at 8:11 pm

    Very sad to leave 4Projects, it was a great company to work for with an exciting future. Unfortunatly, that future did not lie in UK marketing, investment was needed elsewhere.
    My team and I had achieved a great deal over the last 12 months in the UK, of which I am very proud. The challenge now lies overseas.
    Glad to see our final PR work on Morgan Sindall is hitting the press. Sad to see the plug pulled on our social media work.
    I genuinely wish the 4P team all the best, they really are a great bunch of people.
    In the meantime, you are quite right Paul, I am freelancing until I find the right permanent move.
    In fact I am already working with the North of England Civic Trust (www.nect.org.uk) promoting their Heritage Skills Initiative.
    We have events in June supported by Kevin McCloud and Jonathan Foyle for which we are looking for sponsorship from the built environment.
    If you fancy a bungee jump or dinner with Kevin or Jonathan, get in touch!
    If you have struggled to find a sub-contractor with the relevant quality of heritage skills, then you need to support the work this charity does.
    Find out more here: http://bit.ly/hORgKP
    Sorry Paul – shameless plugging, but it’s a good cause!
    Anyone looking for a great Marketing Director.. get in touch!!

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