BIW, a conject company

Maybe it’s a sign of things to come or just a one-off, but I received an email from UK SaaS construction collaboration technology provider BIW Technologies this morning (about a sustainability survey) which had a slightly amended BIW logo at the top. The email had been distributed via parent company Conject’s email engine, and the familiar BIW logo had a subtitle “a conject company” underneath.

This was the first time I’d seen this; it hasn’t (yet) been carried through to the main BIW website, and comes some six months after BIW was acquired by conject in December 2010, at which time I was told BIW would retain its existing identity. It remains to be seen if this subtle change will be replicated across BIW’s website or other corporate branding.

(PS: BIW, isn’t it about time you updated the website to reflect the new ownership? Conject is only mentioned in the news pages – there is currently nothing about conject in “About us”, for example.)

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