Clouds UK boosted by client compliance needs

It’s been over two years since I last talked about, the SaaS-based property service provided by York-based Eurosafe UK (see July 2009 post: Clouds UK: a new name and a competitive offering). However, it seems the business is still attracting customers, and CEO Andy Newsham tells me this has a lot to do with the increased publicity given to ‘cloud computing’ by major IT vendors:

“We have finally seen a big change in clients’ thoughts on using Cloud Computing to solve their issues…. It helps though when the likes of Apple and Google are advertising the Cloud concept for us!”

According to a recent news release, more High Street names are using Clouds UK to manage statutory compliance issues relating to their property portfolios. Retailers Next and Thornton’s are using the portal to help with their asbestos management duties, whilst pub chain J D Wetherspoon use it to manage periodic servicing of food hoists, electrical wiring, gas appliances, fire extinguishers etc. By giving service providers access, clients can audit if each service provider is undertaking the statutory testing and inspection within the timescales agreed within their service agreement.

The focus of Clouds UK offering does seem to be on managing existing property portfolios and helping customers and their service providers ensure regulatory compliance (hardly surprising given the company’s origins as an asbestos management business – indeed, Clouds UK was shown at an asbestos seminar in London yesterday). Given the downturn in the new-build market in the UK over the past couple of years, this is perhaps wise, and the difficult market conditions appear also to have altered Clouds UK’s marketing approach. It appears to have stopped offering franchises and now is recruiting resellers – with five accredited partners so far.

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