Keystone disappears in Incite rebrand

Almost underlining that it is just focused on its internal group customers, Australia-based SaaS construction collaboration technology provider Incite (aka Nexus Point Solutions – part of the Leighton Holdings group) has reduced its website to a single page.

Incite and Nexus Point Solutions now share equal billing at the page top, and there is a selection of Leighton group business logos (I have previously described how the business was being absorbed into the parent group, losing its once-valued independence).

However, any potential external customers will learn little about the collaboration system (no mention of the Keystone product name, by the way) from the website unless they email the company. Apart from a system login facility and a rotating sequence of five photos, two email addresses are the only ways to interact with this website – a level of functionality reminiscent of early ‘brochure-ware’ websites in the mid 1990s. I would show a screengrab of the website (“Copyright © 2011 Nexus Point Solutions Pty Ltd. All rights reserved”), but I wouldn’t want to attract the unwanted attentions of Leighton’s legal eagles again (see Leighton gets legal). Of course, it could be a holding page preparing the way for a more complete website, but, on recent form, possibly not….

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