Mace adopts BIW Commercial Management

Woking, Surrey, UK-based Software-as-a-Service construction collaboration technology vendor BIW Technologies has re-launched its Commercial Management application (formerly BIW Financial Control), with Mace one of the first major construction businesses deploying the module (see news release).

Essentially, BIW Commercial Management supports both site-based staff with responsibility for overall management and control of individual project finances and corporate financial teams who want real-time visibility of their financial exposure across multiple capital projects.

BIW began to build financial management functionality into its platform in the early 2000s when Bovis Lend Lease sought a replacement for its in-house Hummingbird project extranet. This is one of a range of capabilities that BIW added to extend its reach beyond document collaboration and to differentiate it from other vendors, and it remains one of the company’s strongpoints, with little direct competition from its main UK-based SaaS rivals.

The latest news release confirms Mace has followed Lend-Lease in using BIW’s financial management, quoting Mace operational director Crawford Patterson:

“Many of our workflows run across our different project disciplines and project functions. Therefore, the ability for teams to collaborate on the same platform is most important to us. BIW’s Commercial Management provides us with direct visibility into our commercial activities offering auditability whenever required.”

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