Document control takes a vacation?

For a couple of my clients, I have considering the production of various infographics related to the products or services they provide – these are proving popular online as a simple way to summarise various types of data (surveys, system operations, timelines, etc), and good infographics can become quite ‘viral’ on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

In the meantime, I received an infographic from London-based on-premise and SaaS provider of engineering and construction collaboration applications, McLaren Software. Marketing director Tim Taylor tells me they have trying to simply illustrate the value of document control and they came up with this pipeline infographic with “more than a little help” from some McLaren customers. It shows that the value of document control within a major capital project can often be under-estimated – until something goes wrong.

Good to see a vendor trying something a little different, and trying to explain a benefit of their technology quickly and simply. Tim says they may do more….


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