Oct 15 2012

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neXadyne offers document control training as an RTO

According to a news release from neXadyne, the Training Accreditation Council in Western Australia has granted approval for neXadyne Pty Ltd to operate as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This follows the launch of the company’s document control courses in February 2012 (post) – an area where SaaS document collaboration vendor Aconex is also active (May 2012 post). neXadyne’s Deborah Wilson says:

“This is a landmark development for our organisation, for industry, and for our students. Our RTO status enables us to issue nationally recognised qualifications to students who complete any of our suite of document control courses.”

The qualifications will provide a formal method of gauging the relative experience of personnel engaged in document control duties at various levels. Existing controllers can also quantify their skill levels and associated pay-rates, while new entrants now have a route to start their careers in the discipline.

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  1. Deanne Inglis

    Finally a document control course for the industry that actually trains in document control and not in records management. I would recommend neXadyne’s courses to anyone thinking about a career in document control and especially to existing document controllers for career development and recognition of their career with a recognised qualification.

  2. Karen

    This is a significant development for the Document Control Profession, there has been no recognisable Document Control specific courses and as such nothing to train or develop budding Document Control wannabes. Well done neXadyne, hats off to you for taking the initiative, this means that a document controller no longer has to complete a Records Management course to get the “sort of” qualifications that are required with some positions.

  3. Kylie

    About time a real Document Control course is available to industry and individuals which trains in actual Document Control and not Records Management.
    I would like to congratulate neXadyne on the creation of the Document Control courses and believe they are the perfect choice to train in Document Control as they have both the experience and knowledge.

  4. Johannes

    I just want to have detailed information where about the Document control course is given and how much it coasts. pls reply me as soon as possible including your scedules of the training

    1. Paul Wilkinson

      Johannes – I suggest you contact Nexadyne direct – you can email them at training@nexadyne.com.

  5. Vicki Macmillan

    I am interested in the Document Control Course, where it is held, dates and cost of the course. I live in the Northern Territory Australia.

    1. Deborah Wilson

      hello Vicki
      apologies for not seeing this earlier…

      Please visit our website – http://www.neXadyne.com or email me on training@neXadyne.com.

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