iSite revenues flat in 2012

iSite PortalThe latest annual results from Styles & Wood Group plc, for the year to 31 December 2012, were published last week (RNS announcement).  This UK property support services group reported revenues down 3% and operating profit up 20%, while its Nottingham-based specialist IT business, iSite – which delivers SaaS-based construction and property management services – reported revenues of £1.466m (up slightly from £1.460m in 2011 – post) – and reflecting a better second-half of 2011 – post) and a drop in profit to £0.107m (from £0.278m in 2011), though this may well be accounted by the business’s higher employee overheads: it grew to 26 staff, from 19 in 2011.

A year ago, group CEO Tony Lenehan was talking about the cross-selling benefit to iSite (formerly known as StoreData) of being part of a contracting group, and the integrated offer to clients is highlighted; the results headlines include:

“Commissioned by both Lloyds Banking Group and Barclays to provide our full suite of property services and solutions including programme and projects delivery, design services and building intelligence support.”

iSite HubDuring the past year, in October 2012, iSite formally launched its ‘Hub’ service for asset management. While iSite Portal  is positioned as the group’s “building intelligence” system, ‘asset-ology’ and the FM award-winning ‘Hub’ (developed in partnership with Nationwide) takes it a stage further, helping companies who outsource to get a single consolidated view of all property and facilities information, both internal and across their supply chains. In the group’s annual report, its iSite description also touches on BIM:

iSite provides clients with technology based property information solutions that store, manage and communicate critical data relating to their property portfolio and associated property activities. This data can include design models, supplier allocations as well as project specific data.

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