COMIT to look at information mobility

For the past two years, one of my November event highlights has been the annual conference of COMIT (Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT). Building information modelling (BIM) and mobile IT remain themes for 2013’s edition, to be held at London’s Institute of Physics on 7 November 2013. However, under the heading “Information Mobility“, the range of topics has been expanded and the draft programme currently includes sessions on supply chain logistics, cloud computing, innovation and a spot of future-gazing.

Missing from the event, at the moment though (at least from an Extranet Evolution perspective), is anything relating to construction collaboration technology vendors and their embrace of mobile, which has been growing of late (see yesterday’s post, for example, and another recent one about Kykloud), and which may have more currency than mobile BIM.

I’m not sure if the event will persist with the #MobiBIM hashtag, or if a new hashtag will be created, but perhaps this will become clearer as the agenda is fleshed out. Update [29 August 2013] – looks like the hashtag may be #infomobility.

(Disclosure: Again, I will be there as COMIT’s social media partner, live-blogging and tweeting from the event -and, once more, if you go, tell COMIT I sent you!)

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    • Iain Miskimmin on 28 August 2013 at 12:39 pm

    I believe that Crossrail will be covering the mobile access to their construction collaboration solution during the BIM in Delivery Working Group session.

  1. Thanks, Iain. That sounds sensible – as you know, I wrote about Crossrail and Projectwise earlier this year.

    • Chiang Fu Wan on 4 September 2013 at 7:28 am

    I want to get the more information for COMIT/ mobiBIM. Thanks much!

    1. Hi – more information about the forthcoming conference is available here:!conference/cs05.

      I have written blog posts about the past two years’ events:
      2011 –
      2012 –

      Regards – Paul

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