Corecon encourages educational use of SaaS collaboration

Corecon logoCalifornia, US-based SaaS construction collaboration vendor Corecon Technologies is offering free licenses of its Corecon V7 estimating and construction project management software to colleges and universities teaching construction management or related subjects. Students will thereby gain experience of using SaaS technology before entering the workforce. The news release quotes Corecon President Norman J. Wendl:

“Students need to differentiate themselves from other job candidates when applying for their first professional position in construction, and experience using forward-looking technology like Corecon V7 gives them the competitive advantage they need to win over perspective employer. Construction firms, especially in the small business market, do not have time to research the latest technology on the market or to train new employees in their use. These firms want to hire college graduates who already have technological experience and can instantly put their skills in practice at their company.”

Such initiatives have become commonplace over the past decade or so, taking advantage of the ease of deployment  of software-as-a-service applications. For example, in the USA, Corecon competitor EADOC Software started a similar education partner programme last year. And I recall BIW Technologies [my former employer, now Conject] allowed free use of its SaaS platform by students at Newcastle University, and continued the practice at several other UK universities (eg: Reading, Loughborough, Nottingham Trent).

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