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The latest SaaS collaboration vendor to release a mobile app is Munich, Germany-based think project! When I visited the company last year, its developers were talking about mobile tools, and these are now available for both Apple iOS and Android smartphone and tablet operating systems.

thinkproject-CaptureThe company announced the release of Mobile Capture in its July e-newsletter and it appears to be geared towards site-based inspection and data gathering processes, including the addition of photographs to the core think project! platform. Like UK-based 4Projects, who released its iOS app 4Mobile to the market at almost the same time (with an Android app imminent – post), think project! has opted for an app-based system so that users can use it offline, ie, when they are without web connectivity.

Should an internet connection become unavailable during an inspection, the app enables temporary storage of photos taken, written notes and voice recordings – saving them until internet access is restored. Pressing a ‘synchronise’ button uploads collected data to think project!.

Head of product management at think project! Jochen Maurer says:

“One of the app’s advantages clearly lies in the time it saves. It also improves the quality of documentation, as data is captured immediately on site in a structured manner – avoiding errors arising from delayed sorting and allocation. However, its principal benefit is that mobile capture can be integrated into existing project processes. This means it becomes part of the workflow, which can now [be] extended to the construction site and enable documentation to be initiated there as well.”

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