Viewpoint establishes US data centre for 4Projects

4projects logo4Projects‘ parent Viewpoint Construction Software has extended its commitment to the UK-developed SaaS-based project collaboration solution, already being heavily marketed in north America (post), by opening a new data centre in the US. The facility will improve performance for 4Projects users among Viewpoint’s North American project collaboration customers and provide more flexibility on their data hosting options.

According to the news release, Viewpoint will deploy 4Projects on Amazon Web Services (AWS) elastic cloud, a leader in global and flexible hosting and IaaS solutions. AWS has proven experience in designing, constructing and operating large-scale data centres and offers Viewpoint an increasingly efficient cloud environment, providing both scalability and redundancy to avoid data loss and ensures consistent and reliable uptime and data access. With AWS, Viewpoint can host 4Projects in a fully compliant environment (including ISO, SOC 1 and SOC 2, and FIPS 140-2), and will be able to quickly deploy new data centres around the world, as the business grows and new market opportunities are discovered.

Andy Cameron, VP of Software Development at Viewpoint states:

“The addition of a US-based data center, along with our current data center in the UK, provides Viewpoint both a nimble and flexible cloud environment. It allows us to serve customers with high performance, low latency and virtually infinite scale to best meet customer demands across all the regions we serve.”

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