4Projects 4Mobile now 4Android

4MobileIn July 2013, Sunderland, UK-based SaaS construction collaboration vendor 4Projects launched its 4Mobile application for Apple devices. As it then promised, it has now expanded its mobile offering to connect 4Projects data with Android devices (the app is downloadable from the Google Play Store here). 4Projects users will now be able to access data from both iOS and Android devices; they can:

  • navigate to a 4Projects site, project or sub-project
  • create and modify new tasks, revise documents such as RFIs, issues, change orders and respond to tasks and discussions
  • view details of a user or organisation, including contact details
  • take photos and upload to projects
  • drill-down to project information; the application also ‘remembers’ favourite visited areas allowing users to revisit them quickly
  • manage tasks needing attention through an at-a-glance screen

Update (4 October) – 4Projects has also created a good video (nice to see it has updated the now somewhat cliched hub and spokes diagram many vendors used to use to depict the core notion of centralised information):

Updated desktop interface

4Projects login screenAway from mobile devices, a new user interface for desktop users of 4Projects is set to be released on 12 October.

The first sign will be a new login screen, incorporating links to Viewpoint and 4Projects social media places. Once logged in to their accounts, users “will notice a new user interface allowing for easier navigation with actions conveniently located on the improved toolbar”.

4Projects UI 2013

Update (11 October 2013) – New YouTube video about the user interface:

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