Aconex appoints CMO (again)

Andrew SavitzThere has been something of a revolving door regarding Aconex chief marketing officers (see Aconex appoints a US-based CMO), and the latest to be announced by the Melbourne, Australia-founded SaaS construction collaboration software business is US-based Andrew Savitz.

The two previous appointments lasted roughly six months and one month respectively.

Savitz will be responsible for the company’s global marketing strategy and operations, including product marketing, demand generation, online marketing and communications, and reports to Aconex CEO Leigh Jasper. He was recently VP of worldwide marketing at KXEN, a provider of predictive analytics software and cloud-based big data applications (acquired by SAP) and before that led marketing efforts for’s Service Cloud.

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    • Hamish on 23 March 2014 at 7:58 am

    So if they continue the preceding trend of 6 months, 1 month can we expect an announcement in about 3 days then?

    I think it is very telling that when you look at the Aconex careers page of the 16 current available positions only 2 are actually in client support roles the rest are either ETO (software development) or sales and marketing and 1 of the marketing positions would appear to be for this CMO role. This to me further demonstrates that more and more Aconex is a ‘new’ sales focused business with a geographical emphasis on the US. They have lost sight of the fact that the majority of the revenue in Saas in the construction industry is not from new sales but comes from repeat orders and a vendors existing reputation. This is developed by the vendor’s customer support team and not by a sales team that is constantly urged to chase the next new deal rather than establishing and cultivating relationships.

    Coupled with no new significant developments

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