GoReport latest to deliver RICS reports via iPad

RICS licenses another mobile technology provider, GoReport – this time to support Homebuyers Surveys.

GoReportSome 13 months ago (25 March 2013), I wrote about Belfast, Northern Ireland-based mobile technology provider GoReport, among others, and almost exactly a year ago (25 April 2013) I reported on North Shields, UK-based vendor Kykloud and its RICS-approved mobile survey templates – now widely used in the public and commercial property sectors. Roll forward a year, and GoReport has just announced that it will be delivering a suite of popular RICS survey reports via iPad devices, including the HomeBuyer Report, Building Survey and Condition Survey.

Traditional systems of surveying with notebooks, cameras, etc, are rapidly being replaced by mobile technologies that can capture on-site data, and then incorporate images, sketches and laser distance data into edited reports. GoReport enables these reports to be exported to replicate the RICS-branded format and sent directly to a client via email. Reports can therefore be produced more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

GoReport CEO Conor Moran says:

“This important agreement with the RICS means that thousands of its members can access and fully utilise the benefits of this whole new way of working and be confident that the same reassuring quality standards and guidelines will continue to be met.

“In this highly-competitive industry where time is money and client demands and deadlines are increasingly challenging, recouping the valuable hours ‘lost’ by retyping written notes, finding photos and formatting final reports can give additional time for reflective thought, increased margins and business growth for many in the sector.

“This new software technology instantly transforms and improves the efficiency and profitability without ever compromising on quality and professionalism. Getting started is simple as no software installation is required and all the data is securely stored and backed up using secure and approved servers.”

RICS HomeBuyer Announcement from GoReport® on Vimeo.

Update (24 April 2014) – A quick note for clarification received from Kykloud‘s Ed Bartlett: “Our RICS agreement also covers residential HomeBuyers and has done for a year. GoReport doesn’t have the exclusive on this one….”

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