Asia-Pacific hosting for Viewpoint for Collaboration

viewpointcs-logoViewpoint Construction Software has taken another step to service Australasian customers using its Viewpoint for Project Collaboration Software-as-a-Service platform (formerly 4Projects), opening a new data centre in Australia.

The news release says this centre will “provide Viewpoint’s Asia-Pacific project collaboration customers improved performance as well as additional flexibility on their data hosting options.” Having established a US hosting operation in August 2013, Viewpoint is now deploying Viewpoint For Project Collaboration in Australia on a fully compliant Amazon Web Services (AWS) elastic cloud (ISO, SOC 1 and SOC 2, and FIPS 140-2) providing both scalability and redundancy to avoid data loss, along with consistent and reliable uptime and data access. Andy Cameron, Viewpoint’s VP Global Data Center Operations and IT says:

“The addition of an Australian-based data centre along with our current services in the UK and the US provides Viewpoint both a nimble and flexible cloud environment. It allows us to serve customers with high performance, low latency and virtually infinite scale to best meet customer demands across all the regions we serve.”

The release says “Viewpoint For Project Collaboration is a new solution“. This is debatable. In some respects it is, as – like most SaaS applications – it is regularly updated with new functionality, fixes and enhancements added to the platform. And it is ‘new’ insofar as it has a new name – however, the core application, previously branded as 4Projects, was resold in the Australian market by Milton Walters’s ProjectCollaboration from May 2012 (post), until, around a year after acquiring 4Projects in February 2013, Viewpoint opted to go for a direct sales operation through its existing Melbourne office.

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