4Projects adds Revit plugin

Watching the SaaS construction collaboration vendors adding building information modelling (BIM) capabilities to their platforms, it’s clear some have been moving more quickly than others.

As regular readers may recall, Asite was one of the first to champion what it called collaborative BIM (cBIM) and, recognising the high market penetration of Autodesk’s Revit BIM authoring software, it added a Revit plugin when it launched its v15 release in July 2012 – an enhancement then somewhat overshadowed by the product’s rebranding as Adoddle. Aconex added a third party Revit plugin (developed and supported by Queensland-based XRev) in early 2013 (see Matt Rumbelow’s blog), and now there is a Revit plugin for 4Projects (or Viewpoint for Collaboration, as it is known in the US and Australia).

4Projects by Viewpoint - blue[27 August 2014 – Remainder of post was temporarily removed pending receipt of official 4Projects news release, and video – finally issued 8 September] According to Viewpoint, the Revit Plugin also addresses the challenge of creating IFCs from Revit models, as well as improving the quality of the exported IFC file, refining the way entire project teams collaborate on the right data, when they need it. Senior VP, Strategy and Corporate Development, Matt Harris says:

“We understand that a large majority of our customers use Revit by Autodesk to create building information models. By integrating Revit outputs in OpenBIM formats with Viewpoint’s project collaboration and management systems, we ensure that distributed project teams can effectively share and collaborate on models and BIM project information.”

Additional benefits of the new plugin include the ability to automatically authenticate team credentials to Viewpoint from Revit, the ability to export models, sheets and schedules from Revit to Viewpoint in one quick step, and users can now easily define which file formats they want to export to Viewpoint including RVT, IFC, PDF, DWG, XLS and CSV.

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