State of the (mobile) nation

Next week I will be attending the two-day COMIT/Fiatech conference at The Crystal in London’s Docklands (30-31 October 2014 – see previous post). COMIT’s previous conferences have seen a lot of content crammed into a single day, but this year’s builds on Fiatech’s successful European Summit and the two-day joint event will allow consideration of a wider range of technology subjects under the umbrella of “Efficiency Through Digital Projects”. Two ongoing projects underline the current surge of interest in mobile technologies in construction.

Mobicloud App ChallengeFirst, as part of the build-up to the event, COMIT is helping with a nationwide survey by academics at Loughborough University, looking to establish “The state of the nation” regarding use of mobile technologies in construction (to help with the survey, click here). Early indications of the results will be presented at the conference.

Second, the conference will take place in the final weeks of a competition being run by the MobiCloud Project: the MobiCloud Construction App Challenge. Basically, the project is looking for great ideas for mobile applications for construction. The idea judged to be the best by a panel of experts will be awarded a prize of  €1,000 (about £800). Development teams are also being sought to turn one of the submitted ideas into a commercial app. This project will be showcased at the conference (at 5.15pm on 30 October).

[Disclosure: I am a member of the COMIT management team.]

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