267,000 Extranet Evolution page views in 2014

Blogging on narrow niche topics (SaaS collaboration, BIM, mobile, etc) still attracts a growing audience for ExtranetEvolution.

At the end of some years, I do a quick review of traffic to ExtranetEvolution (here are my 2012 numbers, for instance), but it’s not a regular occurence – I didn’t talk about 2013 last year – and the numbers have varied over the years depending on which blog platform and/or analytics tools I’ve used for my statistics.

EE stats 2014Any way, and judging from Google Analytics, in 2014, ExtranetEvolution continued to draw a loyal audience – about a third of users are return visitors – with a total audience of 40,601 unique users during the year, generating over 267,000 page views (around three times the 2012 figure). By geographic location, this readership is predominantly based in the UK, US, Australia, India, Canada and Germany (same as two years ago).

Looking at device use, use of mobile devices to access ExtranetEvolution content has reached 21%, and Chrome is the most popular browser (used by 45% of my visitors). Organic search delivers the highest proportion of visitors (57%), followed by “direct / (none)” (20%), Twitter (3.4%), EE email subscription (3.3%, though I only started this service in February 2014), RSS (2.4%) and Linkedin (2.3%).

The most popular posts published during 2014 (judging from landing page results) suggest a strong interest in the financial aspects of SaaS collaboration vendor activities and in new mobile technologies. They were:

  1. Project Tango, Genie, Google Glass – converging? (25 February)
  2. Aconex to float on ASX? (18 July)
  3. Breaking news: Aconex cancels IPO (27 October)
  4. Bain Capital pays US$230M for stake in 4Projects parent Viewpoint (22 April)

Looking at the daily user spikes during the year, it seems the Aconex IPO story stimulated a lot of interest, as its IPO valuation on 13 October stimulated a big spike over the ensuing 24 hours. From the overall daily use and from the bounces, I can also see the impacts of the server issues I suffered in May and December.

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  1. Happy New Year Paul,

    Interesting stats. With regard to organic search what terms were the biggest converters & what was the conversion rate? Tim

    1. Thanks, Tim.
      Popular organic search terms include the names of most of the vendors I commonly write about (Aconex, 4Projects, etc).

      ExtranetEvolution started as a book-related project in 2005 while I was working at BIW – only when I left in 2009 did it become a way to show my industry knowledge and expertise. As a result, it remains more of a blog than a business-generating website, but I can look at how many click-throughs I get to my ‘contact’ page (about 0.5%) or to my ‘About’ page (just over 1%), which together total just over 4000 page views (and I know from telephone calls and emails that many potential clients start from the site).

      Not sure that this answers your question properly, Tim (maybe I should be a bit more focused on this areas).

  2. Happy New Year Paul!

    Awesome stats and steady organic growth for EE. Not a surprise to me!

    2015 is going to be even more exciting!

    All the best!


    PS: I noticed a very low Bounce Rate (1.32% if I am correct…) and even though it sounds great it can’t be real. I had some similar issues with that and I actually found out that it was caused by some dodgy wordpress plugins!

    1. Thanks, Paul
      I was aware of the absurdly low bounce rates and the conflicting WordPress plugin issue (which I think I’ve now fixed, BTW). Regarding my outages, it actually highlighted the impacts as there was so little background noise (a small silver lining to that particular cloud, at least).
      Regards – Paul

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