Finishline mobile reporting

FinishLinePerhaps a product suite mainly relevant to readers in the Americas is FinishLine construction list management software, from Active3DB, originally a Hawaii-based software development business, now headquartered in Oregon. Its cloud-hosted tools are most commonly used for punch lists, QA/QC, safety, warranty tracking, completion lists and field observation.

According to the company, the first FinishLine software application was created for a specific project in 2006 and, by word of mouth, was adopted on six further projects over the following two years. Active3DB was incorporated in December 2008 to develop and support both FinishLine and a real estate CRM application called OneSource. Support for Android, Apple and Windows tablet devices came in 2010 with the launch of FinishLine Pro v3 (allowing both on- and off-line use) and this month (March 2015) FinishLine Pro v4.1 delivers the product on smartphones too.

Like other quality reporting applications, FinishLine allows users to “punch on the plan” technology, letting them add items, review issues, complete site evaluations, and send reports/task lists to subcontractors.

The company has active projects throughout the US and in Costa Rica, the Bahamas, Canada and Mexico, and the application also has a Spanish version, delivered for a project in Santiago, Chile. The company claims over 2500 users in nine countries using its products daily.

The application is normally licensed on a per-project basis (a multi-project option is available to cover ‘bundles’ of smaller projects), allowing multiple users to access the system and to share information as required.

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