BC launch semantic BIM 1.1

Business CollaboratorFollowing its late 2014 management buy-out, Reading, UK-based SaaS collaboration vendor Business Collaborator was quick to launch the first version of its building information modelling module. The next iteration, BIM module v1.1, has just been released, promising “data-driven, semantic BIM software to help customers procure, design, construct and maintain assets and infrastructure efficiently”.

According to BC’s website, version 1.1 provides “federation and clash detection along with a redesigned and streamlined interface.” BC says its BIM data viewer and server now enable the entire project team to federate together models from different disciplines and run clash detection to find problems in those models – all within a web browser:

BC1.1 model viewerModels are uploaded to Business Collaborator (Common Data Environment / Project Extranet / Document Management System) and imported / optimised into a Semantic Database.  From there, any member of the project team can select two or more models and view them at the same time.  All of the capability when viewing a single model is transferred across when viewing many models together.  Users can navigate, filter by IFC Category, turn individual models transparent and search for objects across the Federated model.


BC CTO Stephen says:

“The team have worked incredibly hard to deliver this next phase in our BIM journey. Model Federation and Clash Detection were unanimously identified by our customers as the most needed additions to our BIM module and I am delighted to be able to announce the availability of this functionality, fully integrated with our leading CDE and Project Extranet platform….”

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