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I have been followed on Twitter by SherLayer (pronounced ‘share layer’):

Sherlayer logoa cloud-based solution that lets you collaborate and manage information across multiple projects. With no software to download, unlimited cloud storage, pay-as-you-go access and a simple icon driven interface, it means your team simply sign in and get sharing.

The business’s video starts with the simple SaaS collaboration proposition (instant messaging, push notifications and video conferencing with screen-share, and secure encrypted data capture, including conference audio), but then starts to show how users can “uniquely” view and share 3D CAD models collaboratively and share 3D PDFs.

Sherlayer has been developed by Sherwood Systems Ltd, a company with offices in Belfast and Dublin, Ireland, and, among other things, a reseller of Sage software including its Construct offering. No date is given for when SherLayer might be launched but you can sign up to a newsletter or email them (I tried tweeting… and a prompt response said SherLayer is in the “final stages of beta testing” with the solution available in “weeks”).

Update (8 June 2015) – A SherLayer tweet tells me: “our website is now up and running, you can find all the information about Sherlayer and what it can offer”.

The now-live website includes a blog with a couple of posts about events where you can see the product in the autumn, and its pages about architecture & construction (its other target sectors are engineering, medical & life sciences, and education) includes a page on BIM, wherein you learn that “Yes. Sherlayer is BIM Level 2-compliant, which means by implementing it into your organisation, you are too.” No pricing information yet, though, and the product is still “coming soon”.

Meanwhile, in the same competitive space, today’s Construction Enquirer has a brief news item about Basestone (post) and its use on the London Crossrail project.

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