Goodbye, 4Projects. Hello, Viewpoint for Projects

4Projects summitThis week’s 2015 Viewpoint customer summit conference in London drew over 100 people, all provided with an update to the company’s product development roadmap outlined in Newcastle last May (4Projects: the future is cloud-based everything). One headline announcement has been confirmation of the rebranding of 4Projects; with effect from September 2015, the SaaS construction collaboration application will be known as Viewpoint for Projects, a modification of the US and Australia branding of the collaboration offering: Viewpoint for Collaboration.

4Projects by Viewpoint - blueMore significant than the branding change, though, will be the latest steps in Viewpoint’s migration towards a more unified suite of products largely delivered as Software-as-a-Service. What we currently term ‘document control‘ (will we rename this as we become more model-based? Information control? Project control?) remains a core specialism, but the plans outlined by Jeremy Larsen will also see Viewpoint’s collaborative project management capabilities expanded into areas that are currently strengths of rival solutions.

For example, Aconex is strong on project communications; Viewpoint will be strengthening its RFI, submittal, transmittal, meeting minutes and project email functions. And while Conject has long had a European differentiation by virtue of its commercial management module (formerly Financial Control), Viewpoint will be gunning for customers demanding this functionality with new cost control functions, covering contracts, subcontracts/purchase orders, change orders, estimates, phase codes/cost types, etc.

4Projects’ investment in research and development relating to BIM feature strongly in the future Viewpoint for Projects product suite, with its BIM Manager module (rebranded from 4BIM) complementing document control. And December 2014’s MCS Priority1 acquisition – now branded as Field View (as distinct from Field Share – the former 4Mobile app) – providing mobile data capture for daily reports, health and safety, quality control, snagging, and inspections.

‘My Viewpoint’

Stressing usability, accessibility, mobility and configurability, the Viewpoint product management team shared initial views of the unified interface to these functions, which users will be able to access through a single login to a personalised view, dubbed ‘My Viewpoint’. The focus to date has been on the project communications area, with Viewpoint recruiting a user experience (UX) specialist to help develop an intuitive-to-use, cross-device interface, using HTML5 technology.

fieldviewAlmost coinciding with the conference, the latest release (15 May) of Viewpoint’s Field View functionality has been more tightly integrated with the 4Projects platform. Today Richard Scott demonstrated how Field View allows 4Projects users to access version controlled drawings, along with all subsequent updates, from their 4Projects containers within Field View. The Field View web app also allow users to reuse COBie output to generate geometry, helping them set up projects more quickly, plotting buildings, zones and spaces in seconds – meaning Field View now links to BIM-based projects.

Progress towards a unified SaaS system covering all Viewpoint project management capabilities will be incremental. For example, just as Field View and the 4Projects external project management functions are being integrated for UK users, in the US the collaboration functions and Viewpoint’s internal project management system, Vista, are also integrated. Over time, this integration will be extended, but the initial steps may require some work-arounds – for example, cost control will initially require the user to have the Vista Windows application locally installed, but in due course this will be migrated to become a SaaS module. New document control, BIM Manager and Field View SaaS modules are all programmed for release over the next 12 months or so.

[Disclosure: I delivered a keynote presentation (fee paid) to the Viewpoint customer summit.]

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    • Nick Sansome on 26 May 2015 at 10:41 pm

    I’m interested to understand what you think it is customers actually want from a “Cost Control ” system, as you mention Viewpoints offering of “contracts, subcontracts/purchase orders, change orders, estimates, phase codes/cost types, etc”.
    I’m a bit confused, as you compare the functionality and approach to that of Conject, and yet also mention among other things, the need with Viewpoint for a local install.
    As most of the items you list are already being recorded on a project system albeit historically in a “back office” accounts system like Viewpoint, where its”too little too late” for the project to affect or influence, im interested to know your take on the difference?
    I guess my question is what comparisons are you drawing between a Local install “Back office” historical finance system for Accountants against a “real time” SaaS Commercial Management tool for PM’s reporting not on history but the “here and now” FULLY integrated to Change Management and Business Intelligent reporting?
    Seeing as Viewpoint as now “gunning for customers demanding this functionality”, then i’m interested to understand what functionality you actually think it is that draws your comparison?
    I do find that piece of your article a bit confusing, and welcome your clarity for the confused?

  1. Hi Nick

    The blog post was written contemporaneously with road-map presentations at the Viewpoint event, and I had sight of a draft diagram detailing some of the capabilities to be made available as capabilities were rolled out.

    My understanding (and I am sure Steve Spark or one of his colleagues will correct me if I’m wrong) is that the company plans to include some initial integration for existing users of its on-premise solutions. This is just a transitionary step, for – as I wrote – full SaaS provision of all functions will be delivered, integrating both the historic accounting functions and real-time project and commercial change management capabilities.

    Certainly, Steve Spark feels this will begin to erode the edge that Conject has held to date, though I guess it may be a year or more before customers get access to these new capabilities.

    • Nick sansome on 28 May 2015 at 8:00 pm

    In that case Paul, our guys will be needing their bulletproof vests at Sales from now on. We welcome the shoutout. Thanks for the clarification.

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