iSite 2014 revenues up 7%

iSiteStyles & Wood’s specialist information management subsidiary iSite grew its revenues again in 2014, but not at the double-digit, 33% rate initially indicated in September. Described as the group’s ‘Business Intelligence’ offering within its professional services portfolio, the SaaS property information systems vendor’s turnover was £1.84m, up a more modest 7.5% from 2013’s £1.711m. Profit was squeezed from £278k down to £192k, perhaps partly due to recruitment of new staff; the Nottingham, UK-based business’s average headcount in 2014 was 32, up from 26 the previous year.

The iSite service supports retailer Tesco, and the Styles & Wood 2014 annual report gives some statistics on its use of the system: 275,000 logins/year, 45,000 documents uploaded per month, and 4,500 users, including 3,500 supply chain members.

The relatively modest growth figure contrasts with some of the double-digit revenue growth rates previously reported by some UK competitors, but £1.84m is another new high for iSite, and even if the profit was down it has remained consistently in the black.

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