Sypro CAM (not a webcam)

NEC3 software specialist Sypro Management has launched a new compliance and asset management application.

Sypro logoHumberside, UK-based Sypro, best-known for its NEC3 contract change management Software-as-a-Service application (one of several competing in the NEC battleground, and a former software partner of Business Collaborator), launched a new product: Sypro Compliance & Asset Manager in late 2015.

Sypro CAM is, according to a Sypro e-newsletter, “an easy to implement, simple to use format that allows estate and facilities managers to effectively and proactively manage their assets therefore ensuring legislative compliance.” Sypro’s website adds:

Wilmslow High SchoolCAM has been developed with a modern, graphical approach, ensuring information and data is simple to understand.

As a web-based solution, Sypro CAM monitors, tracks and records asset data to ensure all are compliant, serviced and maintained in accordance with the relevant legislation or policy. The software can be used by public organisations such a schools, academies, health and care organisations/companies.

Sypro CAM is built for ease of use and to ensure that users can clearly identify actionable alerts relating to assets and compliance regulations. Live and instantaneous reports are readily available to assist the operative and responsible person with task management and adherence to legislation and guidelines.

The website also gives some case studies of Sypro CAM use in healthcare, leisure and education sectors – including Wilmslow High School (above).

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