Jun 29 2017

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A mobile Site Diary – at a price!

Script and Go’s Site Diary complements a mobile-first construction project management application but the suite is not competitively priced compared to others.

Since the 2007 advent of smartphones and the later launch of tablet products, the number of mobile applications designed for construction has grown and grown. I have seen numerous apps for snagging / punchlists / quality control – some stand-alone, others integrated with SaaS platforms – and talked to businesses about apps for health and safety, permits to work and other workflows (see previous post about construct.pm, for example).

Site diary applications have also occasionally featured in this blog (eg: Contract Communicator in 2009, and Note Vault in 2014), while a quick web-search for the term pointed me to, among others, Site Diary Plus and Tradies. A new addition to the market comes from Rennes, France-based software development company Script&Go.

Script&GoScript&Go already offers a mobile-first construction project management application BatiScript, which can be accessed by tablet, laptop or smartphone.

In September 2016, Script&Go acquired another application, Site Diary, from Appear Network (incidentally, a backer of an EU-funded project called MobiCloud which I have seen presented at COMIT events). In the last nine months this app has apparently been developed further and was launched on 21 June 2017, priced at €12 per month (c. £10.50 or US$13.70)

BatiScript pricing

Strangely to me, the BatiScipt product is licensed per device (see pricing) so, presumably, if you want to access the BatiScript platform across all three platforms, you will pay €84 (Premium use on Tablet) plus €44 (back office on PC) plus €19 (on smartphone) – a total of €147 per month to rent the software (for a minimum of two years) or to purchase the software, a total of €2270 (€1290 + €690 + €290), plus 20% maintenance (€454).

The rental approach certainly differs from the flexible, no minimum period pay-as-you-go approaches of many other vendors of cloud-based construction software – which are often available at no extra cost on other devices. Contrast this approach with, for example, Asite (one of the few UK-based vendors who don’t base their pricing on project-based licensing); the London-based construction SaaS vendor offers its basic product for just €19 per month, with the most expensive subscription still half that of Batiscript at €75 per month.

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  1. Bill Parker

    Very interesting, a glimpse into the minds of their marketing people…

    Pricing is important and I think it would be extremely useful to publish a list of ‘indicative’ or ‘base’ pricing for the main UK system suppliers, basically how much does it cost to trial a one million pound scale project, I have found that contacting them directly can be like an inqusition and that just makes me think that the more they know about me, then the more they can stretch their pricing out – I never buy anything that doesn’t show a price…

    A comparison of main features would be useful too, desktop / tablet / phone, usability, main design / site specific features – I am not the least bit interested in HR features or QA (not QC) features – I have that, its part of being in business – but teamcentric features and system ‘owner’ features are important, ease of use, training required, local terminology and UK applicable features – remember the Aconex access to the Australian construction jobs market and materials suppliers…

    I love your annual revenue/profitability graphs, it helps to focus on the winners and losers, but actual functionality doesn’t show in a financial graph, so is the revenue indicative of the features or those marketing blokes…

    1. Tony

      Hi Bill

      And thanks for the mention Paul.

      Our pricing is totally transparent. $19 per user for Adoddle Lite. This gives you total collaboration for data management (drawings , contracts, ideas etc) with a built in viewer for any file format, including workflows on all of your devices.

      Then for the whole shooting match from Sourcing, Project Management, eProcuremnt , CDE and cBIM its €74 per user.

      We have set up fees and training on top.

      Check us out at http://www.asite.com

      Also check us out at http://www.buildearthlive.com and you can see how we are evolving the idea of the built environment.

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