Trimble connects with VolkerWessels

Trimble logoUS construction technology provider Trimble has announced a strategic partnership with the Dutch construction business VolkerWessels to advance the latter’s use of Building Information Management (BIM) technology and improve the management and predictability of the contractor’s construction projects.

ProjectSight logoAs part of the collaboration, Trimble will closely work with VolkerWessels’ stakeholders to gather real-world feedback for continued innovation in BIM-centric construction. In addition to deployment of Trimble construction technologies (including the Trimble Connect SaaS collaboration platform and Trimble ProjectSight, both launched in 2014), the collaboration also includes professional and integration services performed by Trimble and Construsoft, a Trimble integrator based in the Netherlands.

“Trimble excels at putting construction data to work,” said Marinus den Harder, director of construction and real estate development at VolkerWessels. “Trimble’s data-centric approach to BIM provides us with analytics and business intelligence that we can use to extend our competitive advantage.”

By using Trimble Connect and Trimble ProjectSight, VolkerWessels (which has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Germany and Canada / United States) says it will streamline the sharing of construction models, data and project information between key project stakeholders.

“Our close collaboration with VolkerWessels enables both companies to innovate while driving greater value in the design, build and operate phases of construction,” said Roz Buick, vice president at Trimble. “We greatly value this key customer relationship enabling us both to seek insights for buildings, infrastructure and real estate industries.”

Update (4pm, 10 January 2018) – Trimble’s connection to the Netherlands was extended by its recent acquisition of Stabiplan (announced last week), a 3D CAD software and BIM content provider for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) industries.

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