PMWeb opens London office, targeting Europe

Already a busy market with numerous cloud-based information technology suppliers, Europe construction and real estate sector is now being marketed by another US-based business, PMWeb.

PMWeb-LogoFounded by Marc Jaude (now president of the company) in 2006 and based in Wakefield, Massachusetts (just north of Boston), PMWeb describes itself as provider of “the world’s leading Construction Program Management software”, and is mainly aimed at the owner-operator sector and the supply chains delivering these customers’ projects.

The solution portfolio covers: CapEx planning and management, project portfolio management, facilities management and real estate management. As the name suggests, its solutions are 100% web-based. Core product modules cover planning, engineering forms, cost management, scheduling, asset/facility management, and visual workflow. ‘Toolbox products’ extend functionality to include document management, custom forms, timesheets, a BIM 3D viewer and an integration manager.

PMWeb European partners

HKA logoPMWeb is strengthening its European presence with its partner, HKA-Tech, opening a London Office. PMWeb’s other European partner, Primaned, who operates out of The Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland, will work with HKA-Tech on new client cases in the UK and European markets. PMWeb announced that Europe would become an important target market for 2019.

HKA-Tech, founded as PCI Group in 1996, has long experience in construction industry software, including Meridian Prolog (acquired by Trimble in late 2006) and Primavera. PCI was acquired by Hill in 2008, and, as Hill PCI became a PMWEb dealer in 2011. Since 2013, HKA-Tech has been PMWeb’s largest implementing reseller with 39 offices in 19 countries.

HKA-Tech and Primaned launched their new partnership at an event in the City of London on 5 March (this event, held at the Brewers’ Hall, followed a Glimpses of BIM event).*  European clients Art-Invest and NHS Property Services told the audience about how they digitised their construction management and how they benefited from using PMWeb. Alasdair White, head of construction at NHS Property Services said: “PMWeb has really enabled us to increase efficiency, to the point that we now spend almost 100% of our budget”. Update (29 March 2019) – Read more about the NHS implementation of PMWeb in this BIMPlus article.

PMWeb early adopters in Europe also include United Nations (Switzerland), APM Terminals (Denmark), Philips (Netherlands), and the European Investment Bank (Luxembourg).

PMWeb London launchPMWeb president, Marc Jaude (centre), speaking at the formal launch in London, said:

“I am extremely happy with the commitment shown by both HKA-Tech Partner Gino Wideen and Primaned Managing Director Mark Schenk in the months prior to the event. I’m confident our European partners will deliver the highest quality of services to the UK and European market.”

[* I delivered a keynote at the BIM Glimpses event, organised by Phil Shatz. Client commitments prevented me attending PMWeb’s launch.]

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